About BNE Photos

      BNE Photos is situated in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. My wife and I love photography and decided a few years ago to take our hobby to the next level. We took several online courses with www.betterphoto.com. We quickly realized that sports photography was the best way to go from amateur to more seasoned photographers. We spend our weekends covering local sports as freelance photographers for the local newspaper.  Now that we are retired, we use our Can Am spyder with a trailer to visit the back roads of British Columbia to capture landscape.

      Of course being animal lovers it goes without saying we used our camera to capture photos of all kinds of animals from pets to wildlife. We would be happy to set some time aside to capture photos of your best friend(s) in the tri-city area.

      Finally, where does the name BNE Photos come from?  Well my name is Robert and my lovely wife's name is Elaine. So being called Bob all the time, I used B for Bob, N for AND , E for Elaine thus BNE Photos. 

For more information please contact us via e-mail at rmcdonald99@shaw.ca

Last Modified 2018-01-30

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